Silvana S. Foundation Commission Awards 2020 Finalist – Equivalence 100:1

Equivalence 100:1 is an ongoing series that investigates daily phenomena via statistical, mathematical and computational techniques to highlight global issues of our time.

We have dedicated the last 10 years working on projects related to global tipping points, including issues concerning inequality, poverty, consumption, refugees and the environment. We are of the belief that art serves as a catalyst for important conversations, and the award will bring this belief an important step closer. If we are given the award, art serves as a catalyst for important conversations, and the award will bring this belief an important step closer. If we are given the award, we would want to work on a research-based visual project concerning our agriculture biodiversity amidst the challenges of climate change. We are already in talks with various experts in the field of genome plant research and we would be able to execute the project in time for the exhibition. The threat towards agricultural biodiversity and resilience can be devastating, where temperature changes have a chain effect on the ecosystem that contributed to the collapse of global bees’ population and threatens the survival of agricultural crops that have specialised towards yield-priority crop variety monocultures that do not have the rigour to withstand seismic environmental change. We wish to have the opportunity to provoke your audience and the public at large for an important discussion for our time.

About the Artist
The crux of Chow and Lin’s practice lies in their methodology of statistical, mathematical and computational techniques to address global issues since 2009. Through a typological, photographic approach, Chow and Lin’s projects are driven by the discursive backgrounds in economics, public policy, media, and these are further augmented by enduring exchanges with specialists from those fields. Their works have been referenced by the World Bank and showcased at the Triennale di Milano; United Nations, Bangkok; Lianzhou Foto; Les Nuits Photographiques, Paris; China Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum; Gexto Photo; Hermitage Museum; Myanm/art gallery,Yangon; Museum of Modern Art, Tblisi and National University of Singapore Museum. The Poverty Line will be exhibited at the Rencontres d’Arles in 2020.

Chow and Lin are based in Beijing, China. Stefen Chow is a Malaysian-born, Singapore-raised visual artist. His work has been awarded by Tokyo Type Director’s Club, World Press Photo, National Geographic and has worked with institutions including Smithsonian Magazine, GEO, Science and Nature. Huiyi Lin is an economist by training and is a market researcher. She has a background in economic policy and obtained an MBA from the Tsinghua University – MIT Sloan School International MBA Program. She has planned and implemented corporate development programs in Singapore and is currently based in Beijing, conducting multi-industry market research for a multinational clientele.