Following our exhibition this January ION Orchard, we have decided to allocate 75% of our exhibition proceeds towards the adoption of Taymur, a 3 year old Orangutan, and the remaining 25% of proceeds towards reforestation efforts in Samboja Lestari.

About Taymur

A victim of the illegal, international wildlife trade, 3-year-old Taymur had been smuggled out of Indonesia and was being kept as a pet in Kuwait at the time of his rescue. 

After learning about the sad fate of this baby orangutan, the BOS Foundation immediately took action and worked closely with the Indonesian government to repatriate Taymur: The BOS Foundation had already had experience in this area, after repatriating two other orangutans from Kuwait in 2015. 

After following procedures and working through a lot of red tape, Taymur was safely returned to Indonesia. He underwent a quarantine period at Taman Safari Indonesia in Bogor, West Java, before finally being transported to Kalimantan in September 2017. 

Taymur has made significant progress in his first year at Nyaru Menteng, and has adapted well to his new environment. It wasn’t long before he was able to join Forest School Group 1, where he is now learning the natural skills he will later need to survive in the wild. 

Taymur is still somewhat dependent on babysitters, but he is no longer fearful of exploring the forest on his own and is gaining valuable experiences along the way. 

We cannot wait to see what he does next!