We are very happy to hear that Little Khang’s Transplant operation was a success!

This is the latest update from Hoan:

“Dear all our doctors and nurses who have spent days and nights taking care of Little Khang, all our generous donors who have helped and cheered on us. YOU have made this miracle happen for Little Khang.

After 7 months battling with Hyper IGm and numerous infections, Little Khang had his bone marrow’s transplant just before Christmas. Our family and doctors have been awaiting his reactions with the transplanted stem cells. Our doctors predicted the success rate of the transplant to be just about 30-40%. After the first 6 days of the transplant, there was the first slight increase in the level of white blood cells in Little Khang and his blood cells count has been increasing ever since. Little Khang is still having intermittent fever but out doctors have concluded that the transplant was a success! Thank God, everything has gone well for Little Khang.

Little Khang just had his birthday celebration with our beloved doctors and nurses at NUH 🙂 He must be wondering why everyone was wearing funny hats and singing his favorite song. We have had a wonderful day and everyone was extremely happy!

We will keep you updated with Little Khang’s recovery progress 🙂 I can’t wait to share with you more good news from our little fighter :)”


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