Here is an update from BOSF:

 The wet season has brought with it abundant rain, and many of our orangutans are suffering from colds or flu, Katty included. But even though she has been feeling a little under the weather, she is still energetic and playing, so has been able to continue to attend Forest School in the Nursery Big Group.

Our medical team uses both generic and herbal medication to help treat orangutans suffering from colds and flu:They offer warm ginger water in the mornings and evenings to help boost the orangutans immune systems. Surprisingly, Katty loves ginger water, and drinks every drop in her bottle.

For an orangutan of her age, Katty is already quite skilled at building mattresses made of twigs and leaves of the karamunting, a local plant found in the Forest School area. Katty has also been spotted eating karamunting fruits and flowers and she is showing significant progress with her movement, now climbing medium-sized trees. She enjoys playing with the enrichment tools and structures and often encourages her peers to join in. She especially loves playing with Bumi, Mema and Rona.

Katty is a gentle soul which her friends are quick to take advantage of. Our Baby Group are not very good at sharing and sometimes try to take her food leaving her with a disappointed, yet adorable, expression on her face. Luckily our babysitters are always on hand to make sure Katty gets her fair share.

At the time of her rescue, Katty was suffering from an acute respiratory problem, but she has since made a full recovery and is growing intoa lovely, healthy individual. She is making great progress in Forest School and we are very proud of her achievements.